The lazy gardener’s favourite season: using leaves as mulch.

Autumn leaves

With autumn firmly in place here in the Southern hemisphere, I’m starting to deal with a part of my garden that I both love and loathe: Autumn leaves.

I don’t know about you, but I love the colours of autumn almost as much as I love the freshness of spring.

The leaves are a problem though, I have a LOT of deciduous trees shedding their coats right now.

I do what any sensible gardener would do: ignore it.

5 Advantages of mulching.

Autumn leaves provide a lovely mulching in the coming winter months. Mulching has many advantages, but these are my favourites

–          Prevents moisture loss with up to 75%.

–          Protects plants from the cold

–          It helps curb weed growth

–          It adds nutrients to the soil.

–          It improves the texture of the soil as it breaks down.

Except where it creates a problem or looks too untidy, I just leave the leaves to decompose through the season. It has the added benefit of creating a habitat in the garden. I love seeing the birds digging through the leaf matter looking for grubs.

Autumn leaves are one of the best things in the garden, providing benefit without costing you a cent!

 Image by harold.lloyd on Flickr, adapted under CC  BY-NC-SA 2.0.


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