The secret to a perfect garden

Cobbled Path

Creating a perfect garden is every gardener’s aim.

I bet you don’t want to look at your hard work and think “Well, I’m pleased,  that is pretty average.”

But there’s a secret to creating a perfect garden.

It has to be perfect for you.

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Encourage flowers in your garden, even if you only have 5 minutes

Flower photo

Deadheading plants will encourage them to form more flowers.When you plant perennials and flowering plants, you do it with the expectation that it will bear more than one flower.

Deadheading is one of the quick fixes in your garden, you can do it while taking a stroll and it doesn’t need any special tools. Deadheading can be done by hand, or at most you’ll need secateurs.

The idea behind deadheading is to prevent the plant from moving into the next stage of fertilization, namely forming seed. Deadheading will encourage the plant to form more flowers rather than seed.

Different flowers have to be deadheaded differently, but generally you can deadhead as soon as the flower starts to fade. This season, I kept picking my poppies as soon as they opened because the flowers couldn’t survive the hot conditions we’ve been experiencing.  This kept them blooming like crazy, supplying me with flowers for the house for weeks.

What do you do to keep your flowers blooming?

Image: Flower photo, Doug Wheller on FlickrCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The minimalist guide: How to fertilize your garden

Chances are that you’ve skipped the section on soil and fertilizing in your gardening guide. Looks pretty complicated, right?

In fact, it isn’t. It’s also very important because fertilizing your garden incorrectly will waste time and money by harming your plants, promoting diseases and inviting pests.

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Take control of your garden

Are you a beginner gardener and starting to feel guilty about the genocide you’re committing in your garden?

Large gardens and container gardeners can all identify with this: your plants are dying because you simply don’t know where to start caring for them.

Here’s some gardening advice to help you take control of your garden.

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