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The lazy gardener’s favourite season: using leaves as mulch.

Autumn leaves

With autumn firmly in place here in the Southern hemisphere, I’m starting to deal with a part of my garden that I both love and loathe: Autumn leaves.

I don’t know about you, but I love the colours of autumn almost as much as I love the freshness of spring.

The leaves are a problem though, I have a LOT of deciduous trees shedding their coats right now.

I do what any sensible gardener would do: ignore it.

5 Advantages of mulching.

Autumn leaves provide a lovely mulching in the coming winter months. Mulching has many advantages, but these are my favourites

–          Prevents moisture loss with up to 75%.

–          Protects plants from the cold

–          It helps curb weed growth

–          It adds nutrients to the soil.

–          It improves the texture of the soil as it breaks down.

Except where it creates a problem or looks too untidy, I just leave the leaves to decompose through the season. It has the added benefit of creating a habitat in the garden. I love seeing the birds digging through the leaf matter looking for grubs.

Autumn leaves are one of the best things in the garden, providing benefit without costing you a cent!

 Image by harold.lloyd on Flickr, adapted under CC  BY-NC-SA 2.0.


The minimalist guide: How to fertilize your garden

Chances are that you’ve skipped the section on soil and fertilizing in your gardening guide. Looks pretty complicated, right?

In fact, it isn’t. It’s also very important because fertilizing your garden incorrectly will waste time and money by harming your plants, promoting diseases and inviting pests.

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